Briana Tomkinson

New Westminster civic election results

All polls reporting: so far, results show Wayne Wright still has the 'Wright' stuff (har de har har). Blair Armitage appears to be out of luck.

Council results so far:

  • Jonathan Cote
  • Lorrie Williams
  • Betty McIntosh
  • Bill Harper
  • Bob Osterman
  • Jaimie McEvoy

School Board:

  • Casey Cook
  • Lorrie Watt
  • Lisa Graham
  • Jim Goring
  • Michael Ewen
  • James Janzen
  • Brent Atkinson


  1. Anonymous says at

    Good f***ing bye to the white male!! Congrats to Base of The Fraser for facilitating same!! Surprised you didn't pan for the confused African refugee. Unreal.

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