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Huzzah! for the 'beta-Santa' at the Burnaby Museum

Jen at the Arbolog shares her misgivings about buying into the Coca-Cola Santa in a recent post, and reminds us of a great alternative for those who prefer to hearken back to Yule logs and mistletoe rather than deadly Wal-Mart shopper stampedes and Christmas With The Chipmunks (Vol. 1). Says Jen: 
I did some research and found Father Christmas at the Burnaby Village Museum, who is willing to listen to children’s wishes and you can take your own photos. Huzzah.
Father Christmas is the pre-Santa, the Beta-Santa, if you will. He’s a kindly old thin dude, with a long beard and robe - sort of Gandalf type of dude - and was around way before Toys R Us and the Sears Wish Book and iPods and Wii’s were, and is more of a Sinterklaas than a product of a good marketing department at Coca-Cola.
Thanks Jen!


  1. Will Tomkinson says at

    I am just glad you used he word 'Huzzah'.

  2. Jen says at

    who can resist Huzzah? Huzzah!

  3. Jocelyn says at

    I vote a TenthtotheFraser visit to Father Christmas!

  4. scott davidson says at

    Fantastische Idee mit der fliegenden Schildgröte an der Wand. Kinder lieben Phantasie und Monsters, wie dieses zum Beispiel von Max Ernst, was vielleicht für einige Kinder noch zu schrecklich ist. Aber dafür gibt es ja noch eine grosse Auswahl bei wo sie zwischen soviel schönen Kindermotiven auswählen können. Und dann lassen Sie es sich einfach rund um den Globus liefern.

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