Will Tomkinson

Yikes! Bias. I Hardly Know Thee.

I was just reading Pat Tracy's neat blog From the Editor's Desk . Her most recent post is about the difficulty in remaining unbiased while relating political events. Or at least being perceived as unbiased. As the editor of the Record and the Burnaby Now, she has to keep on top of those concerns as her papers cover the municipal elections:
And then there’s New Westminster, where The Record has been accused of both being for and against the new civic slate, Voice, which is running a full-throttle campaign.
I have also had this experience now with this website. Hey, the stakes are low but these pages are for all of New West so when I was writing about the recent all candidates meeting in Queensborough, I wanted to give each candidate a fair review. As I sit down now to write about the presentations made by the Mayoral candidates, I think to myself, 'do I really need to be fair?' There are plenty of opinionated blogs out there. I think for now, every one gets an even shake. There is lots of time for broad generalisatons and disparaging remarks between now and November 15th.

Let me know if you agree!


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